Saturday, 4 January 2014

Home Made Irish Cream

I know...I know, I've been MIA. Trying to balance work, life and everything in between has made finding a little inspiration to blog difficult. It really didn't help that I was without a computer for almost 2 months! Nothing like the new year and a new computer to bring on a little blogging inspiration.

So in honour of 2014, here's something special for you!

Years ago, I got this amazing recipe for home made "irish" cream from a friend (cheers to Harry T). I tinkered with it a bit and started bringing it to family gatherings and it's become one of my signature contributions to holiday parties.
Take a bottle (make that 2 or me!) with you and you'll be a hit, even with those who don't really drink or like alcohol!

Grab a cup and some ice and get ready for a treat!

Home Made Irish Cream

1 cup Whiskey* (add more/less to taste) 
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 cup Cream (I used 33%. To make a lighter version, substitute coffee cream (18%) or half & half (12%))
2 tsp Coconut Extract**
1 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce (I used Nesquick)

*The better the whiskey, the better the Irish Cream (I used Forty Creek Whiskey (Canadian) to make mine, but a good 18 yr old single malt scotch makes the best EVER...sorry Daddy Ladybug!!)
**Alternatives: Peppermint, Almond, Coffee, Vanilla

Combine all ingredients, mix well with a whisk, and pour into a serving container. Keep refrigerated. Fits nicely into a 750ml bottle.
Pour over ice or cut with eggnog for a delicious creamy holiday drink.

Happy New Year!