Monday, 18 August 2014

Camping Kitchen

The kids and I have managed to get in 7 camping trips this year and Daddy Ladybug has been able to join us for 2 trips with our extended family. I've had lots of practice setting up/taking down camp by myself and figuring out what is the most efficient way to camp with my kids. I'm getting better every time. It is not easy camping alone with kids, but we have so much fun...only once did I seriously consider packing them up in the middle of the night to go home! It's only mid-August and there's several weeks left in the camping season, but I think I might be done for the year, I'm kinda burnt out! Ready for the scheduled life of the fall to return, anyone else feeling that way?? 

I get asked a lot what my kitchen looks like when I'm camping, so here's a post with pictures and organizational ideas that I use when camping to keep my family fed!

The typical camp set up at a BC Provincial Park (this is Cultus Lake). 

They generally have a BBQ attachment to the table so I use that as my starting point and build from there. BBQ or stove go on the metal extension and the folding table (from Costco) goes beside it. The big rock at the end of the table is almost always there, so I use that as a boundary for the kids..."don't go past, it's hot!" I usually bring a bucket for a garbage can, but I forgot it this trip so I improvised with a garbage bag tucked under the stove. The shelter tent usually depends on the weather...over the table if it's rainy or further back if it's dry as a play hide-out from the mosquitoes! 

The kitchen drawers go under the table and the washing bins/draining rack go on top. 

This year I'm trying a new camping organizational strategy, instead of 3 bins, I'm now down to 1 (which holds the bigger stuff like the washing bins) and 2 sets of for the clothes and toiletries and one for the kitchen. I've fallen in love with my camping kitchen drawers. No more digging through bins to find things, it feels so organized! This has also reduced the amount of space my camping gear takes up in my vehicle. The best thing about the drawers is they can serve as a side table for the late night glass of wine at the campfire when the kids go to bed.

Inside the kitchen drawers... Cutlery/cooking utensils.

Lighter, clothes line, dish towels/cloths, other random tools & small first aid kit.

Smaller dishes - bigger ones are in a bin.

Nesting pots and wrapped up in hand towels is my french press (very important when your children wake up with the birds...)

Water and iced tea jugs (frozen before I go to use as ice for the cooler) sit on the table for easy access. I try to encourage everyone to have lots of fluids when it's hot.

There you have it, my camping kitchen. 

I create a lot of things here, but it's pretty much a consistent diet of hot dogs, mac & cheese, and s'mores when it's just me and the kids, but occasionally I break out the fancy stuff (and they complain the whole time)!

Happy Camping!



  1. Great post, Adel! The drawers are a cool method to staying organized. This time we tried banana boats, campfire cones, tin foil dinners twice (that was your idea with the corn right?) Steak kabobs are a huge hit. (I brought a frozen roast in marinade and cut it in chunks). We often have a basin with lake water for rinsing stuff and washing feet.

    1. thanks Chris! Sounds like you had a fabulous time camping, I think you need a guest post with your boys and their squirrel traps :) Thanks for some more great ideas! I love making camping life easier!

  2. Wow! That is the most organized camp setup I have ever seen! You are brave for going on your own with the kids! What about sleeping arrangements? Do you tent it?

    1. Yes, we use a tent, we have a larger 10 person tent that I'm able to set up by myself. Kids on one side and adults on the other. I'll have to share some pics of that too!