Saturday, 18 May 2013

Get Rid of Fruit Flies the Natural Way

Summer is coming and along with the wonderful bounty of fresh produce from the market comes the fruit flies. Last summer I found a solution to the swarms that plagued my kitchen, so I thought I'd share it before summer begins! 

Fruit Fly Trap

Jar with lid
1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 drops Dish Soap

Poke some holes in the top of the jar lid, big enough for the flies to get through. Add apple cider vinegar and dish drops to the jar and stir well. Put the lid on and place near your fresh fruit. Replace the cider vinegar & soap when it gets full of flies or every month to keep it fresh during "fruit fly season". The dish soap keeps the fruit flies from walking on the top of the vinegar and climbing back out the holes. This works really well!

Now you can enjoy fresh fruit without the fruit flies!

It really's my fruit flies.



  1. This works!!!! Thank you for such a simple idea, I was getting frustrated with all the fruit flies.

  2. Yay! worked for me, thanks.

  3. Adel, This works just fabulously and is in the grand "Grandpa George" tradition. He recommended apple cider vinegar for everything!
    I scared up a cloud of flies from the bottom of my box of peaches this morning and 4 hours after setting up the traps, there's not one left.
    They're drowned, pickled and dead! Thanks for the solution to a pesky problem!

  4. One thing I have found out this summer (with a particularly bad outbreak) is that glass container is the key...don't use plastic, it doesn't work as well!