Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quiet Activity Bag

I'm tired of scrounging around the house every time we go to the Doctor's office, a restaurant, or any other place that requires waiting with 2 year olds - it's not very fun to go without something for them to do, so I decided it was time to put together a bag to keep in the car.

First I put together some crayon cases. Lady & Bug love to colour and the crayon's are always getting broken in the plastic bag I carry around in my purse.

I was given these wipes containers as a shower gift when I had Lady & Bug and don't need them any more, so I decided to use them for a colouring box.

I just took a handful of crayons out of the big box and put them into the wipes box...easy!

A random assortment of small toys & books to keep them entertained...quietly. You could pretty much use any toys your kids like, but knowing Lady & Bug, this will keep them happy at a restaurant for at least 15 minutes..maybe enough time to wait for the food if we're lucky!

I included two small board books, cars, little people, mini etch-a-sketch, and tiny play doughs.

It all fit nicely into a little bag I had kicking around from my alma mater - Go Bearcats!

Now let's see if we can survive going out for dinner tonight!


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