Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Personal Profile and Emergency Information Sheet

So this post makes me seem like an overly paranoid and cautious parent, always expecting the worst, but I'm really not. 

Experience has taught me that it's good to be prepared for emergency situations. 

I have worked in the Caregiving industry for years and one of the staples of every outing was this sheet that we packed around with us in case we had a missing client or if we needed to make an emergency trip to the hospital - all the information we needed was right there on that sheet. Sometimes that sheet came in really handy!!

I thought it was a great idea to add to my binders. We already have one for Uncle Ladybug and Ms. Ladybug, so why not have one for Lady and Bug as well! They are a great addition to my camping binder and family info binder. It's easy to take this sheet (or the binder) with you when your kid breaks their arm while camping away from home...

Each profile sheet includes the following information:

  • Full name and nickname
  • Recent picture
  • Current address
  • Home/emergency contact (my phone number!)
  • Date of birth
  • Height, weight, eye colour, hair colour
  • Medical card number
  • physician's name & number
  • Dentist's name & number
  • (any other medical professionals that your child might need to contact in case of emergency)
  • Medical conditions
  • Current medications (include all names & dosage)
  • Allergies (list suspected allergies too)
  • Emergency contact information (parents - home, work & cell #'s and 2 others that can be contacted in case of emergency e.g. grandparents)

Well, there's my paranoid mommy moment - hope it helps you!

Here is a Blank Personal Profile and Emergency Information Sheet just in case you don't want to make up something on your own!


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