Thursday, 26 September 2013

Freezer Meals: Big Cook Fall 2013

This fall's big cook happened over a two day period due to my lovely new work schedule, so it was one day of chicken dishes and one day of beef dishes.

This Big Cook included the following dishes (top-bottom, Left-Right):

Chili (x2) 
Taco Soup (x2)
Roast Chicken (x3) (just chicken, onions, potatoes & carrots for the crockpot)

There...24 meals and my little freezer is full, more than enough to keep us fed for several weeks. Time to start emptying it because we have a side of beef coming in a month!!! Hope you find a little inspiration to fill your freezer and make the craziness of your life just a little easier.

For more Freezer Friendly ideas for your Big Cook Day, check out my Freezer Meals page.


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  1. That creamy swiss chicken one is fabulous, we tried it the other night! I'm planing to do freezer meals in a few weeks to prepare for back to school, these are some great ideas! Thank you for the inspiration.