Thursday, 2 May 2013

Roasted Chicken is the Cheaper Chicken

I wanted to buy whole chicken for a meal, thinking it would be cheaper than buying pieces and was surprised to find that a whole raw chicken is around $10 or more (regular price where I live)...but if I went to the deli or pre-made food section I could buy a chicken already roasted for $7.99 (on sale $5.99)! How is that possible??

Why would I buy a plain uncooked chicken that I have to spend my precious time & electricity on to make it edible? more buying whole uncooked chickens!

Here is how I make use of a roasted chicken for my everyday meals:

First I remove the strings. Then I separate the chicken and put the bones & skin in one bowl and the meat in my mixing bowl. 

Then I use my mixer to shred the chicken (very quick and less mess).

Bones & skin go in the crock pot for Chicken Stock and the meat is either packaged and frozen for future use... 

...or made into a chicken dish like Creamy Chicken Lasagna.

From this day on, I will only buy roasted chickens!!!


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