Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Water Table

It was a beautiful day here on the "wet coast". It actually felt like summer if you were in the sun! Lady & Bug spent the day outside enjoying the sunshine and what could be better than a big bin full of water, plastic Easter eggs and glass stones. Nothing like finding an activity that will consume their every waking moment for an entire day! 

First I emptied a plastic bin I found in the garage. Makes a great water table...who needs to spend $100  on one of those fancy ones...just put it on a low table on the deck.

I added glass stones (5 bags) that I got from the dollar store (best $5 I've spent on them...can't wait to use these again and again!)

Tossed in the plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday...why not use them for more than just Easter!

Then filled the tub with warmish water (and kept refilling as the water got tossed overboard).

Added some spray bottles, spoons & small bowls to make it a little more fun (Lady is obsessed with her spray bottles as you can see).

They played and played and played and played...

The sun finally went down and it got too cold to play outside - 8 hours of fun from one little tub of water.

We are doing this again!


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  1. Oh, I must do this when they come to our house. So simple and yet so much fun!!