Friday, 8 March 2013

Going to the Zoo

This week's theme was the Zoo. We actually had a break in the rain and had a chance to head to the Zoo. Lady & Bug love to run their little hearts out and to see their favourite animals; the giraffe, the lion, the cheetah & the black panther (who they call black kitty).

Visiting Mr. Cheetah

We also did some play with Zoo Animals.

Stamping Zoo Animals

Lady is so careful about her stamps and Bug just wants to spread paint all over everything. Tells you a little about their personalities too! This activity was immediately followed by a bath.

Foam Zoo Animal Stickers

I found this great pack of Noah's Ark foam stickers at the dollar store the other day and Lady has been very intrigued by them, carefully picking out her animals and peeling the backs off the stickers. With a little help she made a little collage of her favourites.

We also looked at pictures of our safari in Africa and showed Lady & Bug where some of the animals really live. 

And not to be forgotten, this week has been full of singing Raffi's Going to the Zoo song...over and over and over...

This week was a good learning experience for them and we all had a great time being outside at the zoo, learning, and creating.


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