Thursday, 11 April 2013

Camping Packing List

The sun is shining and I've got a serious itch to go camping...but it's April. So instead of packing up the tent & the kids and heading to the lake, I decided to get things organized for the summer.

Last summer I had a list going of all the things I brought on each of our camping trips. I combined all the lists into one complete list to make this summer's trips a little easier to prepare for. I put them in plastic sheet covers so I can just check off the things as I pack them. This list goes into my camping binder. Yup, I'm a little crazy with the lists and the organizational binders.

If you need help packing for your next camping trip, feel free to use my Camping with Kids Packing List (to print out your own hard copy). 

This is our extensive list, I pick and choose things depending on the trip from this list. I've also included things from previous lists so you can use the baby/toddler versions too.

You might take different things, just use my list as a guide and add your own stuff! Keep in mind that we tent camp...not RV, so if you have an RV there will be other things you'll want to add to your list!

If you want to see more of my ideas for camping with kids - check out my Camping Page. Check out my new camping post 10 Great Meals for Camping with Kids!

Hope it helps make things a little easier or inspires you to take the plunge and go camping with the little ones!

Dreaming of camping...



  1. Adel!!
    Can you please come over and organize my life???
    Seriously one day when I move I will HIRE you to come and help. I love reading your blog, so much helpful info and great ideas!!
    Thank you,
    Sonia Hartwell

  2. This camping list is great!!!! Thank you. I started making my own list and then I remembered that Adel has one already and I came to find it - it's great. Thank you for sharing.
    Christy Best

  3. Great inclusive packing list! Thank you for putting that together and sharing it, saves me so much work!

  4. I just used this list for our camping trip last week and it was so helpful! Thank you for sharing this list!