Monday, 8 April 2013

Home Made Yogurt

With many yogurt lovers in my house, I've started making my own to save some money. I have a yogurt-maker that I found pre-owned for cheap (a good investment if you plan to make yogurt often), but there are several great recipes online for making yogurt without a yogurt-maker.

Home Made Yogurt

Yogurt Maker
Cooking Thermometer or yogurt thermometer
1 L Milk (*recently purchased* whole, 2%, 1% or skimmed)
2 Tbsp Yogurt Started (plain/unflavoured yogurt with active live culture or 1 package of yogurt culture*)

Heat milk on medium-low heat in a sauce pan, stirring occasionally until almost boiling (about 190 F).

Let cool to 115 F. In a separate bowl, add yogurt starter and 1 cup of hot milk, stirring gently until starter is dissolved. Pour starter mixture back into the remaining hot milk and stir well.

Pour milk mixture into yogurt jars, put lids on and place in yogurt maker.
Put the cover on and adjust the timer to the desired setting (I usually do 12 hours because I like a thick consistency). Press start.

When yogurt is finished, place jars in the fridge & allow to cool for 4 hours before serving.

Serve plain, with fruit & granola, honey, or your favourite jam/preserves. Lady & Bug and Uncle Ladybug love their individual yogurts so I got some small Glad plastic containers and made individual flavoured yogurts with strawberry jam.

Don't forget to save 2 Tbsp of yogurt for your next batch!


*Yogurt Culture can be found at most health food stores

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  1. That sounds awesome, Adel. yes, they are yogurt lovers. They've helped make Papa into one too.