Monday, 5 May 2014

My First Garden

This year I decided to work on my yard and plant a garden. 

My mom is an amazing gardener and I grew up planting, weeding, watering, weeding, watering, weeding, watering...and finally harvesting, so it's kind of a natural desire to have a garden of my own. Until now we haven't lived in a place where I could have a garden, so this is my very first garden!

I have no idea what I'm doing, but I've done a lot of research, quizzed Grandma Ladybug (who is learning to garden in a different climate after recently moving to the "wet" coast too!), scoured pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and just went with my gut for a little trial & error.  So...we'll see how this goes!

I decided to go with square foot gardening.

I had to build a garden box, so in true Adel form, I got very excited about the opportunity to go buy power tools! Daddy Ladybug sometimes wonders who he's married to. 

The garden box was built (4x8 ft) & filled with beautiful soil, the squares were measured out and marked with string, and a trip to the local nursery was in order to find a few plants to transplant & seeds. I decided to go with a mixture of transplants and seeds. 

I found some fun Red potatoes & some German Butter potatoes already growing at the nursery and decided to try them, along with some Yukon Gold that I planted from seed. I was a little late planting peas, so I got those transplanted too. Carrots, peas, squash, cantaloupe, lettuce, onions, green onions, potatoes, beans, tomatoes (not planted out yet) so far, still a few spaces for some more. Got any ideas?  I'm planning to put an herb garden in containers on my patio.

See that little green thing in the middle of the picture, it's my little carrots...they popped through the soil this morning!

I planted some berries (raspberries, strawberries, black berries and blueberries). Laughing that there is a massive infestation of blackberry bushes on the other side of the fence that we are constantly battling, but they don't produce much in the way of berries, so I'm growing my own tame ones on our side of the fence!

The grass needed some help too, so I got 3 yards of soil to top-dress and re-planted. It's already growing after a week of heat & sun and now some rain...lots of rain!

Now just waiting for it all to grow. Gardening requires some patience!


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  1. How wonderful to see you gardening Adel. I love the style of raised garden you've built. I always wished for a small and more efficient garden. I'll have to try it again sometime but for now we're gone too much to have a garden.
    If you need any more advice, I'm sure your namesake will be happy to talk gardening with you.